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We support the following programs through our CSI initiative:-

What we believe about corporate social investment

Our corporate social investment (CSI) policy is aimed at providing targeted, hands-on support and sustained and meaningful contributions to upliftment projects within our local community. We allocate a percentage of our after tax profits to CSI.

How we approach our community involvement initiatives

Our focus areas for our CSI projects are:

  • Education and training
  • Developmental programmes for youth and other target groups

Our staff are encouraged to nominate projects or causes in which they are personally involved. This ensures that the projects we are involved in are truly close to our hearts. We also ensure that the project is located in our area so that our CSI committee, who oversees the process, can implement a due diligence process, with committee members personally visiting the projects. In addition to regular communication, we also visit the sites at least once a year to assess the ongoing needs. We encourage all our staff members to get involved and to participate in the activities.